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the years are rolling on by



I used to dream one day I would leave, walk away, never come back. I would get in my car and drive, far, far, away. I used to have that dream early in my time as a caregiver. I think it was saying that I had the choice; I could leave any time I wanted to. We all know that is not the case; life is far more complicated than that.


Ray used to work at a mental hospital; he carried a large bunch of keys, door keys, cupboard keys, ward keys, safe keys, keys to padlocks and keys to openings and gates all over the large mental hospital. He used to say:


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Hi Sue:


your comments are always so honest and poignant.


and they are always appreciated.


so glad you are here with us.



Brian :signthankspin:

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Sometimes I wonder how we make it through the years with one body and one mind without just collapsing in place. I guess we are stronger than we can ever imagine? :D


The big thing is: "Time waits for no one." We could loose out, what you think Sue?

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Ah Sue... you are always so wonderful to point out that it is up to us we can become prisoners of that beast called stroke or we can take each day one at a time. Survivors often wander how our lives would have turned out if only..... thanks for takeing the journey with us one day at a time. Thank you for choosing us and inspiring each of us to reach for the best ....one day at a time..Ray is so blessed to have you. Karen

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I, too, love your honest blogs. You are able to put into very poignant words day to day life/struggles. I learn from you.

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youare such an inspiration to me. You can put into words...I can only think about. Such hard truths.

Life does go on.



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Sue, I am so glad you enjoyed your visit with your family. There's nothing like it. My sister is coming for the weekend and I can not wait. I am going to see my two month old grandniece for the first time. Bruce and I co-parented her mother, long story, so little Izabella is closest we'll get to a grandchild and Bruce will be meeting her in May. Yes, I too was feeling extra lonely today and thinking of what my life will bring me. Again too depressing to dwell on it. One good day, two bad and so it goes. Thank you for your inspiration. Debbie

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