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becoming Bunny



We are enjoying the last warm days before autumn turns to that colder period that heralds winter. I have loved the last week with its mild days and cool nights. It is good weather for Ray to be out on the verandah and for me to be in the garden in front of the house pulling up weeds and tidying the place up, it is good to feel the weight of blankets and snuggle in at night and yet still be out and about in the afternoon in a short sleeved top and skirt, feeling like summer still lingers.


On Thursday I had my hair cut, it is short and shaped as I got sick of it being squared off at the ends. This is a style cut I have had many times before but this time it looks different, maybe because more of the gray shows and that is the predominant color now. I went past a shop window and saw my reflection and the word


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We want pictures, please!!!

The fall is my favorite time of year too, for the same reasons. I love the cool nights and being snuggled in bed. The only thing I dislike about fall is realizing summer is behind us for another year and winter is approaching. Winter is NOT mt favorite! I just try to get through it until summer is here again :)



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So now I can call you: Bunny Sue, sounds a little country for a city girl? Now I can email you that picture of Bubba, my good friend I joke about on here. Yea, a picture would be our gift!



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Sue=funny you are talking about the transition from summer to fall (one of Bruce's personal favorites) and we were talking today of our transition into spring and where we were this time last year. Bruce's roommate and his wife from California are due in tonight (sorry I will miss chat) and they are both New Englanders at heart, so we were talking about how much they are going to love this. Everyone getting their yards in order. We have had some spells of very warm weather so far, so everyone is starting early with their yard preps. Saturday I was "weeding and feeling" the lawn at 7 am, fortunately for the neighbors spreaders make no noise. We are so "Green" here and you are just getting into those beautiful fall colors. Glad you are happy with the new "do". Nice to have a change and I hope Ray is enjoying having Trev and his family so close as much as you do. As you know Insulin takes a bit of "tweaking" over a length of time to get sorted out, so no worry, it will even out. I was so happy when our friend was able to go on the pump, it was a Godsend. Unfortunately they don't use it on people our age. Enjoy your autumn! Debbie

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Love your hair.... not to long ago I had my Bob cut. Id worn it so long that way.... I had it cut into what they call the chicken butt hair cut. I dont know if you got the show Jon and Kate plus 8 She sort of made the style famous. I really find it much easier to care for than the Bob. I dont know what in the world made me have my hair cut short, it is easier care and thats good. I need all the help I can get after recently re stroking. Hugs to you Sue you are always such an inspiration. Karen

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