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Sue, I just want to say I saw the parade on TV. It is a true moment where we can appreciate the services of our men and women of the Armed Forces. It's so sad for me, having given 22 years, and to see men and women right here at Ft. Hood, return with no arms or legs to hold their kids. Then, to attend the funerals of those who gave their all. Really sad!


That's why you see me say so often, I celebrate life no matter my condition. I will never say or ask will I have to be like I am now, the rest of my life?


Hope you have a mild winter season in the Land Down Under. When did Australia start being call by that name? You know?

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I was wondering what happened to you this week. I was hoping you were off on another jaunt. Was going to ask you later tonight. Thank you for your autumn. We are green, green here. Spring is blossuming wonderfully. The tulips, daffodils, lilacs and forsythia are all in high bloom. Pollen count here in Connecticut is dangerously high this year. Too much rain and too much heat too early. Had our first seasonal thunderstorm on Friday. Kira was under the bed for two hours! I am sorry about Ray's sugar levels. It is so difficult to regulate insulin when the doses change. And yes, when the levels get out of whack, it is immediate. Oh Sue, I just worry so about their poor brains, how much more can they take? I met my first grandniece last weekend. Yes, it is really nice to have someone to make "Pretties" for, little headbands, a bracelet. Little girls are such a treasure. I too was lamenting earlier about the losses. I wrote a blog, previewed the post and then lost it. It was really negative, so maybe it is just as well it is in cyberspace. Will talk to you later. Blog some good soup recipes. My sister has been supplying us, but her only deal is Turkey noodle. I need a good vegetarian one, or maybe just some meat stock for base. Best, Debbie

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