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New care agency for William



We had our assessment today. It was good. Much better than the other one. She was really on the ball. I was impressed.


I will need to call and cancel my current provider tomorrow. I need to see how much notice they need. I am hoping to start Monday with the new service.


The new service went over things in detail. This could be that i was more aware of what I need. The first time with William just out of the hospital. I was like a deer in the headlights. I didn't comprehend alot.


I am really emphasizing what I expect and what I was displeased with from my current provider.


After our assessment. I told William that Ii needed to have my haircut. So I called and had that done then I dropped something off at work. We went out to dinner after that. Luby's it was.


William had his cheese enchaladas and Ii had a salad. I shared with William he loved the salad.


The director, was wearing the MBP shoes. She said that it cured her sciatica and has improved her posture. I have a pair that I bought


but have never worn. I have them on. You need to work into time wearing with them.




I shall let you know how my phone call goes to the currect agency.






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