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Time Flies!

Wesley H.


I find it hard to believe that I have not posted anything for almost 4 months! Time has simply flown by. As I have said before, my days have become pretty much routine these days. Sadly, I have acquired a new addiction...damn you Facebook! Although most of my online time is being spent there, I continue to check in here, but have not had much to share. The only thing exciting that I can think of was tapping a fresh keg of beer last week, only to have the CO2 tank become empty 3 days later! Still have to take care of that little problem; it doesn't do any good having 15.5 gallons of fresh beer if you can't get it out of the keg! Oh, here's something... my left arm and hand are still improving 18 months post stroke. I can handle my pool cue half way decent. I can't plant my fingers, but I shot well enough to beat Deb 2 out of 3 games a couple days ago. Now, if I could just strengthen my fingers enough to fret a chord on my guitar and be able to speak without sounding like I have a mouthful of gravel. One more thing; my bike riding is getting stronger. My longest ride so far has been 20 miles, but it sure took me longer than it used to take.


The job is still going fine and I am so lucky to be able to work full time and be able to support my family. The kid, Sabrina graduates this year so I feel the sting in my wallet for all of those Senior year expenses..pictures, cap & gown, Class of 2010 tee shirts and sweat shirts, and most recently; the prom dress and tailoring expense. For the price; that dress had better get more than a single use!


God bless having a routine life again; with only a few deficiencies.



Until next time,


Weslet H.


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Good for you Wesley. So good you have your life back together and are able to work full time again.


Enjoy your daughter's year, take many photos, she is so special so make sure you don't miss out on all the things parents can join in on this pinnacle year.



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I was so happy to read your blog. for me having boring routine is far better choice than what we all experienced just after stroke. I am so happy for all your progress. I could not go back to work post stroke though some days I am thankful for that.




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Hi Wes I want you to know that we miss seeing you here strokeNet. As long as your on facebook we are only a click away. I am so glad to hear you are doing your rides and continue to have succes in restoring your abilities post stroke. I wish I could say the same I had another stroke a few weeks ago but as you know you cannot keep a good man or woman down for long!! Thanks so much for stopping by and letting us know how you are doing. You are a huge part of our family here. Karen

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