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Whirlwind Week



Well the whirlwind week is coming to a close. Last Tuesday two of Bruce's friends from work came to bring dinner and spend time with him. They do this monthly and he loves their visits, plus they love to gossip, so he gets all the dirt. His college roommates from Grad school came and gave me my monthly Saturday off. My sister and niece came also for the weekend and we went to my brother's to meet our first grandniece at 6 weeks old. Need I add that she is just beautiful? My other brother also joined us, so it was a terrific day. On Tuesday, this week his roommate from undergrad and his wife arrived for two days from California. Bruce's boss and close friend came for dinner when Walt and Jan were here. They had met Bill 20 years ago at Bruce's 40th birthday party and hit it off. Over the past year Bill, Walt and Jan have been able to reconnect through Bruce's stroke, so yes there are positives here. My sister remarked last year that it was nice to finally meet all the people she had heard about for 25 years. In between this swimming, therapies and the usual errands. Today was Botox number two on the right leg. New doctor, so the appointment was a bit longer but he was thorough. The topper, at 5:30 am Bruce fell out of the wheelchair right onto his face! Best I can guess is the grippy sox didn't give him enough traction and he reached forward to grab onto the table to help pull himself forward and boom. Nice gash above his eyebrow (spent all day second guessing myself as to whether he needed stitches) and of course black eye. Some scrapes and bruises, but thank God nothing broken. Bless him, his PT has been working with him after the last fall to get onto his hands and knees to then pull himself up. When I got to him, he was just trying to get into that position, unfortunately there is nothing in that room that we could use to pull him up, so he crabbed to the lounge chair and was able to shimmy up it on his back with some help. I have nicely cut and bruised my left elbow (the arm I always use to assist him, of course). He has a poetry class on Saturday and next week hopefully it will be back to normal routine. New doctor of course notices the eye and asks how often he falls. Bruce answers "well I been home almost one year and its only been 2-3 times, so nothing to talk about." Gotta love him! He was asleep by 8 pm and hopefully will sleep later than 3 am, mainly because he needs it. I have Jen coming on Tuesday to give me some time off. I have an early appointment and then will spend some time for myself. Its been 6 weeks since Jen and Leo no longer come on a regular basis and I promised my sister I would take some time away for me. Having some trees taken out tomorrow, but we have PT and OT and some errands to get us away from the chainsaws. All in all a good time, wish it was a bit more spread out, but we take what we get and are thankful for it. Debbie

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