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Time to make the donuts



Well we all earned our bisquits this week. Kudos to all. What a team! What amazes me is the fact that our individuality shows. We came at some problems from all different angles and often I would be sitting and reading the postings and say to myself "Wow", that never crossed my mind. What a good point. I joined Survivors Chat again last night. That is one brutal group. I don't think I have laughed out loud that much or that long in over a year. Unfortunately my computer was acting up (and I don't have the excuses that that group uses-lol) and had to finally log off. Again, thank you for all the help. I started today prepping for my return to work and actually felt a bit of relief. For so long nothing I wanted mattered, all that was centered on Bruce's recovery. I am looking forward to this next phase and as selfish as that sounds, because it is about me, I think the time is right. I no longer make a difference here and it is time to move ahead. Speech is talking about discharging him in the next few weeks. Part of me is scared, because at least he will work with her but part of me knows that she is a professional and if she says its time, I have to believe her. We upped his homework in writing to more complicated paragraphs, some poetry (his forte) and short stories. But again I had to force it. Also his sentences need to be 10 or more words, tough for us because after 26 years you kind of read each others' minds. But I am sticking to it. His pool will be down for new filter for the month of May, so am looking at writing workshops and will start more aggressive work on the computer. Getting some movement in the arm, OT is thrilled. Again he will walk only under threat of taking the TV away and I may now have to do that. Anyway really did not want this to be about me. I am so proud to be part of this group and the tough work that was accomplished this week. I personally kept notes on a lot of the postings because they were so helpful from a lot of standpoints. Bless you all and as I always say, Onward. Debbie


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Debbie, it sounds as though some semblence of your life will be returning as you prepare to return to the worforce...happy for you. Let us know, as you are able, how it goes. My best to you.

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