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Please No more..



Well here I am back at my blog, back acting up again making it hard to walk. God what am I going to do at 70... ten years from now, will I be crippled and in a chair for good? I'm hoping it's just the weather changing, come on Summer ;) Dan's got a new girlfriend, she's a cutey, Kath and I are very glad he's started to date again, he was in so much pain when Marli left last boxing day.


Well it's only 20 months and Kaths done, retired, then what, a cruise,a trip, or vegetation? I'm trying to get us volunteering at Riverview the rehab Hosp. I was in. She can help the New Cargivers and I the strokies. We have so much info to give these people, info to help understand and to help curcumvent the government red tape (been there done that).


I think my approach willbe like the time Kath was told while I was in rehab that I'd never walk again. The doctor did this just outside of my room, I'm not sure if it was to prewarn kath or to motivate me.


If that was the case, it worked.Well I've whinned enough, back to the strider and more exercise, remember NEVER GIVE UP.


BTW... I still haven't got around to getting that colonoscopy, I'll do it, I'll do it this summer, after all the other tests came back ok so why am I heddging? Maybe just scared of the unknown, but if I can handle stroke, what is there that should scare me anymore?




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hey Stu:


thanks for updating your blog after ages. I love to kow what's going on with my friends. volunteering at your rehab sounds like great idea. BTW Stu you are big boy now so get that colonoscopy and update us with results.




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Hey Stu,


I'll let you know about being cripple and in a chair at 70. I turn 69 in July, back is getting weaker, knees, shoulders, mind, legs and what ever else that's left has slowed down quite a bit. That was my question a few days ago after leaving the VA.


All indications are my 100% will be here soon but everything is quitting, my body, my scooter, what's next? I get a new scooter Friday, this 6 year old one is finished.


I think I got a good idea how you are feeling Stu. Funny you mentioned colonoscopy, I got the stool test stuff today, it's changed, no more smears, 3 tubes now. I'm not due for a couple more years since my last one. I'm on prostate meds too.


So you are not alone I'm feeling the changes everyday. So, the best to you Stu, take care and take it easy we still need to be functional at 70.

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Stu, it is good to see you blogging again. I, too, hope it is just the weather for you.


I hope you and Kath do volunteer. Stroke survivors and caregivers can/will benefit from your knowledge.


Do get that colonoscopy soon...we want you around. Yes, stroke helped me survive cancer.


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