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Four years on Tuesday



Four days and it's four years post stroke, five to my 60th. birthday. What's life going to be like in five years from now? Will I still get better, or level out to that's all you get? I think I'm bummed that I'm hitting 60, I know that I shouldn't be but I am. It seems like I was just 18, and had the world by the tail. Now I've got stroke and I hope 30 more years, god willing. I know I'm just feeling sorry for myself, but I can't help it and you bunch i know will understand. And what's with the new board, stuff missing and not the easiest to get around. It's may be only me but new members or guests are going to have a tough time navigating through it, I don't find it user friendly at all. Ok, I'm done, hope you all have a great summer.


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Stu, good to see you blogging. I tuned 60 this past year and got slammed with breast cancer in addition to being 3 years out from stroke. And, I am still improving. If we can stay on top of our health, we have mny more years to enjoy. Happy Birthday.

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Stu, everything changes and with after stroke recovery it is either go forward or go backward so keep up the exercises etc and you will be fine.


Congratulations on turning 60. Think of it as entry into the wisest time of your life. Sure you were a young buck at 18 but if you met you then what a lot of learning you still had to do!


I agree with Stessie, eat well, sleep well, exercise, have fun and you have many good years ahead of you.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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60 is just a number. for me you are still that loving caring friend I met after stroke. you are still you and I am sure with good lifestyle changes you will b with us for many more years to come.


enjoy your birthday & stroke anniversary. not everybody gets second chance at life like we did.



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Happy birthday.happybday.gif 60 is young. Yes, with exercise, diet and rest you will live a long and happy life.

Keep working at your recovery and it will keep paying you dividends.



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