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The suns shining



Well here I am again, it's been almost five years since my bout with stroke and for the most part I've won the battle. It's hard to remember what life was like before my stroke, but to anyone reading this I can tell you that if you work hard at rehab things will get better. I'm sitting here typing, and since 2006 I'm back driving, I go shopping, infact anything I want just alittle slower is all wink.gif

Daniel and Jenn are expecting their little girl Ava Kathleen any day, if Jenn hasn't given birth by thursday she will be induced, either way Ava is coming into this world before Friday. So I'm gonna be a Grandpa (Gramma Kath can't wait) this week, I never thought I'd see this happen.

If you're a newbie here you can believe me that things will get better, Don't you ever believe the doctor when he says you can't do something, he's wrong and I'm living proof. The doctor told Kath that I'd never walk again, he was wrong, he said I'd never be able to drive again, he was wrong, I think he was talking the standard line to cover himself if something went wrong, it did he was wrong. So if you're reading this 'Don't you dare give up", you owe it to yourself to keep going. No one will do what has to be done except you, if you give up then there's no one you can blame but yourself.

Believe me life can be good after stroke.


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hey stu soon to be grandpa soon:


so good to see your blog. I agree with you 100% I believe there is life post stroke just litte different though still good. though I feel its your life & you are worth it so fight for your life.


I am glad I did.


welcome back




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Nice to hear from you again Stu. We ned the ones who have made the recovery to stay on and help others through the process.


Being a grandparent is such a boost. Hope the little one comes safely into the world and look forward to you posting photos on your next blog called:"Here she is!"



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