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Not Sure What to Say



I was reading CNN as I do most everyday when I get to school, when I discovered an article about Birth Control. To any men reading this, don't freak out...I am not going to get graphic. I don't think I have ever talked about this, but my neurologist tells me it is likely that the combination of BCPs and migraines (complete with aura) are to blame for my stroke. It was an explaination I always believed in completely. I did some research on my own when I first had my stroke, and most of what I read was consistent with my doc. In the CNN article, there is a section that goes over who should and should not take birth control. People with migraines are one of the first groups listed in the "should not" category.

Five years after the fact, this makes me a little angry. The doctor who prescribed the BCPs knew about my lifelong struggle with stupid migraines! Granted, I was not a very good advocate for myself. I didn't ask enough questions, and I didn't do enough research on my own. I just went in and asked for them, and with little discussion, he gave them to me. I have become an excellent advocate for myself now. I probably irritate the doctors I see. I don't care; I figure they get paid enough to listen to whatever I come up with. I am not beating myself up, what's done is done. What I am asking myself is, "Why wasn't my doctor advocating for me?" We pay them good money to have our best interests in mind.

The rational part of my brain tells me that there is really no one to blame for my stroke. It happened. It is over, and I thank God every day for the fact that I am alive. The irrational part of my brain is just more powerful today. I probably won't be mad tomorrow (or after I have some chocolate in a few minutes). I just really wanted to get it out of my system.


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Well, the lesson now is you KNOW and like you said, you are alive after stroke. You can celebrate life and be thankful.

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Suzie: going to share that chocolate? Many, many years ago, for me, my GYN changed and the new one, 3 months younger than me so what could he possibly know, took me off birth control pills. First off was the smoking and secondly was the migraines. Being younger and with more up=to=date medical knowedge, maybe that made the difference. I am now a caregiver, go figure, but perhaps I was saved your fate. Being a nurse, I work with doctors regularly, but the one who inspires me most is the 66 year old Medical Director with his PDA, updated regularly and referenced all the time. I commend him. (By the way, he's Swedish and has ABBA as his ring tone, gotta love him). We have posted a lot these past two weeks on medical issues, advocating and questioning advice given by medical personnel. Basically it comes down to what you have already accepted. They don't know everything, everyone of us regrets something that was or was not done, we all blame ourselves and we have accepted what my sister always says "It is what it is". Hugs and prayers. Debbie

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