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we are back & finally I feel strong enough



it's been long time that I have updated my blog. I finally feel good enough to talk about our 1 week India trip. our 1 week trip to India was fantastic we covered all our grounds, met hubby'swhole family, travelled to hubby's village(my favorite thing to do), visited my sister in other part of India. so did lot of travelling also in 1 short week and I managed to fall sick too in that short period of time & also handle jetlag. so it wasn't as much fun for me. So now I have decided, I can't handle India trip just for a week. though meeting family part you can achieve in 1 week, but enjoying trip is another part. I feel you can not catch up on everybody's life in one short week, you can get snapshot of it, and fortunately everybody is doing great. real estate market is booming in India and you see lot of prosperity, which is good thing. If you have money then life in India is quite good you can have maid,drivers just like millionares here, though I still need to work on my management skills. right now I am sharpening those skills on hubby & kido. though I know I still need to work hard on it since kido is becoming teenager, I have to keep on working at that skill. life is slowly returning to normalcy here, the routine I am so used to it. school will be closing in a month. I can't believe in one year kido will go to high school. So far he is doing good in everything. he is honor roll student, and makes me happy and proud most of the time.


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Well, glad you made it back, I thought for a moment you would enjoy yourself and family so much, you would extend another week or two. It is always good to go back and visit family and friends if any are still there. I'm sure the kiddos enjoy grandma and all her cooking. I'd be surprised if they didn't gain a few pounds, you too.


Summer is almost here and the new year is half gone in a few more days. So, you'll have time to work on your management skills some more.


Welcome home, I think we all are OK?

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So glad you had a nice time...although one week must be a whirlwind of a trip. We are glad you are back home safe and sound.

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I am so happy to hear that you had a great trip. I cannot imagine just going for 1 week. Whirl wind!!!

I can tell that you are so very proud of your son. Children grow up too quickly.


I am glad that you are home safe and sound.



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oh hi asha we are very glad that you are back from a very busy trip to india i for one am very glad to have you back but i am sorry to hear that you have suffered from jetlag, and it is perfectly understandable about being proud of kiddo as he is very smart and a he is an adorable little boy, take care asha and you have a long rest asha to sort of charge up the cylinder before the big trip asha

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