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summer is here



I can't believe school year is coming to end already and summer is here already. time just flies by when you are flowing with flow of life. I never thought I would find happiness in my post stroke life but like my initial phycologist had told me you will find joy again in your life it will be just different. Now I understand what she meant back then when I was spending my time crying & cursing her & whole world not understanding my suffering. life is still good just little different than I would have envisioned. I am just greatful for so many things that didn't go away due to stroke. yes I lost my job & that selfesteem but I guess lot of americans in this economy are going through same pain.Only difference is that they still have option to find another job versus I don't have that option. though I still have most important job in whole world & I am so happy to do my best in that job in raising our son well with hubby. kido & I are blessed to have great father & amazing husband. hope you all have great time on fathers day.




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Asha, so good to see your blog. Yes, life changes but we see things so differently and love even more as we know life is precious. Enjoy summer with your son.

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Asha, It's good you have accepted that you have the power with in you to know you have the strength of joy still

within you.


Summer is here and the flowers are blooming and so are you.

Keep your :juggle: life and remembertolaugh.


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You have the most important job of all. Mother and wife. Those are harder than any outside business job could be. From what i know you are a superb Mom and wife.


Have a great Father's day. You are blessed to be able to do that job...keep a family and take care of them.



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Yes indeed. All that loss does slowly diminish and in it's place there are some gains. The gains for you good wife, good mother, good friend to all of us on here. Asha, you have a greater value than before because a good wife is worth more than rubies.



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