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energy is zapped!!!



I was reading the heartache of caregivers. A reoccurring theme is the lack of motivation. I wonder if the stroke is responsible for this. I had read that it takes twice as much energy for a stroke surivivor to do the same thing as a person that has not suffered a stroke. it could have been 10's as much. Whatever,,,,way too much is expended to do the same thing.


Yes, William , like many others was not one to sit around. He was always moving. This is due partly to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity).


But, post-stroke it seem that he is not very motivated to do at home therapy. I do bring him to the pool 4 to 5 days of the week. today as usualy he is wiped out after walking and working out in the pool. The 30 to 40 min in the pool and the shower afterwards wipes William out. He will go home and nap for 2 hours. I will wake him up and then he goes back to sleep.


I come home after 10PM and William is thirsty and hungry. He has dinner with me. But, this now means that he will be needing to pee a couple of times at night.


I need to work in more therapy other than water. We go the YMCA. William mentioned today that he needs to start using some of the meachines Perhaps this Friday I will take him there in the evening and we can try some machines.


If William mentions something like that. I will see that it occurrs.


It depends how William feels when it is time to try some of the machines at the YMCA.




Caregivers you are all so wonderful. This is very hard work. But, yes, William is making progress. It just feels so miniscule. 16 months to get to where we are today.


William likes to use the hemi-walker. I have started him on the large base quad cane today. He keeps asking me about the walking stick. I have that as another goal. I told him that the stick is when his balance is better and then he will be walking more on his own.




Ruth It is time to go to bed and rise up early and hit the pool with a splash.




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