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the Painted churches of Schulenburg, Texas



We made it on another YMCA outing. The painted churches of Schulenberg, Texas. It was a great day. We go off and on the bus for every church. the Czech and German churches. They are amazing.!!! I took some wonderful pictures.


We had a long day. We are both exhausted. I tried to download the pictures...I lost them all. I don't know how i erased them??


I took William off the bus and pushed him into the YMCA. I was going to take him into the pool but changed my mind and just gave him a shower. I was getting tired.


We both slept well. Exhaustion!!


I must say that William is walking with assistance more in the house. I need to work on getting him to use the urinal by himself. That will take some work.


William went to church today with the new caregiver. They went to the mall after church and William bought me a mother's day gift.


I forgot to say that I bought a purse on our YMCA trip. That was supposed to be my mother's day gift. Yes, a phone call from my son.


William also brought lunch over for me at work. Very thoughtful.










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