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New agency for William



We have had the new agency for 1 week. So good so far.


Had a little crisis on Sunday. William was cranky. He and the caretaker called me in crisis mode at noon. Evidently William got confused and turned around in church. This caused stress and confusion. Not a good combination. Anyway he became rather short with his new caretaker. He had her in tears.


Somehow things go better and they made it home. I said just William go to bed to bed and then he be better. William said that he came home and tried to stay out of conflict.


I actually like the girl. But, I hope that William is able to contain himself. He tends to be too bossy and nobody likes to be treated like a 3 year old. But, this is way of having control.


We had another person today. She was OK. William said that she was nicer. But, she just had him sleeping in bed all day.




What am I to do??








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