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pt-INR machine



I just received a call. Tuesday, I will get trained on the macine that will be a finger stick monitor for William PT-INR. I am so glad. This will cut down a visit to the lab.


Today is Sunday, WE got up at 7AM and went to service then sunday School. We were finished by 11AM. I suggested going out to lunch because I wanted to go to the YMCA afterwards. It did not open until noon. We had lunch and then made it to the warm pool.


Needless to say, William was exhausted by the time that we got home. He went straight to bed.


I have not been using the wheelchair in the house. I walk William by assisting him and moving his left foot with my foot. Sometimes He can move the foot himself, but usually i move it. I have noticed that he is getting better. The more weight that he can put on that leg the better.


He has started the Activia challenge. That is that yogurt that is advertised on TV> It is amazing it seems to be working. He has had a BM every day. I had him eating other brands but this Activia seems to make a difference. We will continue to try it for 2 weeks.


Progress is coming...just very slowly.


I have signed William up for another training PT program. 4 days of June, july and August. I figure that any extra help will make a difference.


William is on the phone with his Son.



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when I was in rehab therapist there were saying more you put weight on weak leg, better it gets & they were upset that I didn't walk on four or else my left hand would have returned faster too. you are doing great thing, keep on pushing william to walk independently inside house




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