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Living the quiet country life.....



Maybe in my dreams, my life is quiet...... not in reality. Well I feel better, my leave has helped, except I couldn't get on the site for the last 4 days, felt cut off and anxiety filled.

I saw the lawyer on tuesday, found out I can't get divorced yet. It is all very complex and I'm not going to try to explain it here. Simply put, the agreement Kurt and I worked out that would be the best for the kids actually makes a legal mess that no judge would approve....... So I continue on with moving out, luckily for me the courts these days won't frown on me if in the meantime I find someone else. I still get to live apart from Kurt, have my legal right to the kids and house, can find someone else and live my life as I see fit. But the find someone else part is not on my to do list. I am looking forward to my time alone.

I called the cable and phone company yesterday, set up appointments for next friday so I have the important things for next weekend. I got my phone number, nice easy number to remember.... I think it paid off I used to work there, I had my choice of what number I wanted. I'm trying to coordinate the DSL being set up, so I'm online too next weekend. I may get a key to the apartment this week, which will be helpful, I can move stuff in and unpack, go grocery shopping too, hoard things like there will be no tomorrow.

Well I've got to go get the kids off to school....



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Pam, soon you will be sitting at your kitchen table at your new place, watching the day begin. All of your stresses will be behind, and you will begin to live your new life.


I don't know why things just can't be easy for you. Simple. But I know that whatever the battle, you will win.


I'll be thinking of you through the day, especially when I clean out from under my bed, wishing you peace and relaxation.

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Sorry things got so complicated. We always seem to have to take the good with the not so good. I know you'll come out on top no matter what. You always do.

I can't wait to hear about what it's like when you do get to your new place.


We missed you.


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