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The moving has begun--"Stuff"



Last night we started moving some stuff into the apartment, I have a key now. We unrolled the new carpet I had bought, moved the bed in and a few other smalls and bags from shopping. The small round dining table fits perfectly in the bay window alcove, I can't wait to hang the curtians.....

My daughter was with us and she passed the apartment on the approval score, so did the spouse. I have way to much stuff already, I can see it filling up and getting cluttered, got to get into downsizing mode.

I'm going over again this morning because my parents have a car full of stuff I had been picking up for months now. With all this stuff I had been buying, I still need to make another shopping trip and pick up more stuff.

Treat wise, Petey is probably set for a year, I have a huge bag of chewies and a massive bag of dog biscuts..... he'll be happy in his new home. Out of 15 or so bags my daughter scopes out the Hershey's Treasures I picked up.I had to hide them in a cabinet on a high shelf so she didn't open them, never know when a chocolate fix will be needed. I really feel like I am hoarding stuff for the big winter..... I'm not used to not having access to a store, I've got some adjusting to do.

The spouse and daughter were planning my container garden for me, I told them I'm not even attempting gardening this spring, the move will be enough for me. There is always next year.......


PS. I'll have to do a blog entry on tips for survivors moving, it is different them before, the energy doesn't stick around too long.


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I'm feeling stress from just reading. Sounds like you are getting on quickly though. Any chance of having a yard sale at the old house so you don't have to move so much stuff?


Yay, to hiding chocolate. Try not to misplace them though.

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Hi Pam,


Just want to wish you lots of good luck in your new home. Just remember...Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't put pressure on yourself to finish everything...Take it slow and enjoy your new space and freedom!





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Thanks for keeping us updated. I hide the chocolate up high in this house, too. (Don's diabetic) so if we ever visit each other, we'll feel right at home.



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Your apartment sounds wonderful - If I bring really good chocolate, can I come visit?


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Yes I can be bought and bribed for really good chocolate. Just no fruit junk in the middle, it ruins good chocolate, like good cakes are ruined that way. So when can I expect you chocolate in hand?


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