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I Started PT Again, First time in a long while



I started PT on the 19th for nine sessions, I go twice a week then get evaluated for success or failure to see if I need more. Medicare is paying so I don't know if any more will get their approval soon. I would like to get OT after this if they approve it.


My concern this time around is how therapy has cut down on the time of each session. I get 40 minutes only. I remember times before I got one hour each session. Maybe this 40 minute thing is new by insurance rules or limitations. Seems like by the time I start, she is saying, "Your time is up." See you next week!


I wonder if this is standard now or is it Medicare limits??? I hope to walk a bit better when I'm done. Right now I can't walk very far at all and certainly not without a cane. I'd like to stand up straight, shoulders back, not slumped over like I am now. Being able to pick my feet up, bend both knees and walk straight is my goal.


That's hard to do with no brain connection to my left side, I have to see and think about it. She doesn't want me to look down, I'm so used to that until it is hard to stop doing that. Maybe I'll succeed when I'm finished! My weak leg seems to be so stiff all the time. I take Gabapentin and tramadol again since a long time ago when I had pain management training.


Too much of that stuff constipates my system. I'm going on 7 years now, I do try to walk better and farther but it takes me a while to walk the length of two driveways on my street sidewalk and they are fairly close together.


My friend Lenny got me wanting to kick it up a notch and walk farther, it's hard for me. At Walmart super centers, you know how big they are, I get a shopping cart in the garden center and walk all the way to the dairy section on the grocery side and back to garden center. That takes me 25 minutes.


I got my scooter for serious shopping if needed, but if the parking area is not too far from the building, I always try to walk. It's hard for me to do. :unsure:


Well, I hope everyone else is kicking it up a notch and doing great in their recovery process. :D


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You are dong well. I am not sure how to leave the comments open on the blog. I had a check mark on approve comments. I just unchecked that box. Is that how you do it?

I wonder if I can get William to walk with a shopping cart?? That will be a new goal. I am thinking of the walking stick, too. The walking stick ...helps you to stand straighter and walk straigher. Not hunched over. The hemiwalker lets William walk hunched over.


Keep us updated.


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Hi Fred, Constipated from meds? Try eating Activia yogurt. I never liked yogurt until i tried the peach activia. DEEEEEEELICIOUS!!! It really does what it says it will. I'm very regular when i eat it. Can't hurt can it? And if it works then that's boost; not having to worry about constipation. Just a suggestion.


Good Luck with your recovery.


aliveinutah - Beth

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Thanks Ruth, yes, uncheck the box, that does it. I bet he will like it going slow looking and not very far holding on to a cart. It helps you move both feet and bending the knees too.




Activia is in my frig by the 4-pack, different flavors of course and it really does help. Another help is my raisins, and a banana with my cheerios and 2% milk. If/when that fails I got stool softener soft-gels or the clear docusate sodium in the bottle.


I can't stand pain in the butt! :nuhuh: :D

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I eat activia also and I drink miralax. I used to walk hunched over to keep my knee from popping back. Fortunately for me I had to start high school at one of the largest schools in my county just 2 years post stroke so I got used to walking far distances. My knee doesnt even pop back anymore. I got the right side of my brain removed but through practice and time, I can walk standing straight up without leaning or popping back my knee. I only lose balance when taking steps or not wearing my brace. I am 9 years post stroke. I believe you can get better. I am a witness :) btw, I know what you mean about the short PT sessions. by the time i check in, walk to the ot room, and the pt set up the cones and things were going to use thats already a good 15-20 minutes. I have medicaid so i think its an insurance rule.

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