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Dating back to the first century, Pentecost, or as it's called in some traditions Whitsunday, is the 50th day after Easter. In the Christian tradition we celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit to the Church as our Counselor and Guide. The day of Pentecost also has roots back to the Jewish tradition as the feast of Weeks that honored the giving of the first fruits from the Spring harvest and was celebrated 50 days after Passover.


Pentecost is a day of significance for more than the Pentecostals. It's a day on which all believers can celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.


Again, I state that bit of history here today because we, as people need prayer and strong beliefs to say there is a Higher Power that can and does change the outcome of many things we can't control here on earth ourselves. We need help! That's why we ask for prayers, no matter your faith, to bring about relief in our situations as we deal with them as best we can.


Now, in my beliefs in God, I feel where there is one or two gathered together, He is there also. I have faith in prayers, the more, the better. So my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, you can depend on me as a prayer Warrior coming to your aide for your loved ones in need day and night. I feel you all will do the same thing for me. Most of all...We all need prayer to get us a safe journey on our road to recovery and a better life ahead!


By all means, if you don't believe, no one can or will hold that against you, it's your right in a free world to worship as you choose or not to worship. How, where, whom and when is an individual choice we all have!


I am in hopes you understand my concern for prayers and those in need! You pray for me, I pray for you! God answers prayers, I know.

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I continually hold you up in prayer. Yes, I believe that faith and prayer are powerful.


Thank you.


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