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Have not felt like blogging



Hi all, I have not felt like blogging for awhile. I've been cleaning

up the yard and planted flower seeds for my butterfly garden.

Nothing much has changed except for last week, it was Friday

Carl went to the store and I was in the kitchen washing the dishes.

I put a pot of water on for the spaghetti and all of a sudden I

felt dizzies. I shut the gas off and headed for the bed to lay down,

next thing that happen is Carl is asking me what happened.

I told him I felt dizzy in the kitchen and that is all I remember.

I now have a huge bump on my left back side of my head and

my tail bone is sore. Carl found my glasses on the bathroom,

and it looks like I fell in the bathroom and hit my head on the

bathroom tub. :oops: how I got to the bed is a mystery.


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Oh Honey, please be careful. When you get the dizzies, just sit down, even if it is on the floor, until someone can get to you. Don't try to be brave or "I'll just get to the bed or couch." Its not worth a trip to the ER. One other suggestion, keep a cell phone on your body at all times. Help is just a phone call away, even if just to 911. I commend you for turning off the stove, but please try to take it one step further and consider yourself next. Be careful, Debbie

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Oh dear if only you could see the bruise I have from a fall. I will have to see if I can take a picture and post it. Gentle Hugs Karen

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hey jeaiebean:



ouch take care of yourself. I don't like bathtub since I find them too slippery & I love shower anyways. though I am glad you had presence of mind to turn off stove. hope you feel better soon.





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I have missed your blogs. I am sorry to hear about your fall.

take the good advice. Just sit down as soon as possilbe.



I would love to see your butterfly garden. I have planted a butterfly plant in the front of the house.



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Jeannie, we have missed you. Please keep on blogging and keep us up-to-date with what is going on in your life.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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