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I'm just confused with the site.

Steve is giving us a brain practice whether we want it or not. I had to find out I don't have a page myself to post my blog.


So I found were I will be posting by blog from. So that has to count as successful,so one down. Oh,that is two down I found the chat room after I signed on today.


Flowers are about a foot high, just waiting for them to start to bloom.


The exciting or strange thing that happened today. Above my bed is a ceiling fan. It's always on. Well while I was watching TV today, one of the blades flew across the room right over me, hit the wall and made a big bang.When I realized what had occurred I shut the fan off.


Time to call the Landlord. Glad it did not hit me.


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Yes, I was confused too, I haven't looked for chat yet.


I am glad that you weren't hurt by the wayward blade.


Let's explore this site together.



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I am glad you figured out chat and blogs two down & few more to go. I think Steve should charge all of us for brain therapy(hehehe). I am glad that you didn't get hurt by blade. seems like Angel is watching over you.



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