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A Happy Memorial Day



I do hope all will have a good Memorial holiday coming. Say a prayer in memory of those gun down right here at Ft. Hood last November while preparing to go to war. Then all the veterans and current serving servicemen and women all around the world.


Being here at an Army base on Memorial Day brings so much sadness when you see the young wives, husbands and little kiddos standing there holding the American flags without both parents trying to see the parade and festivities planned each year. We have a National Cemetery here and funerals almost daily. I really don't see how I'm coping. I guess, trying to be strong for the younger troops.


Life does go on and time waits for no one. Being a survivor of a stroke is not easy being here. We don't have any great plans for going out anyplace, just stay home, BBQ and give thanks!


Have a great time everybody!


Added 28May, for Memorial Day 31 May 2010!


We tend to forget the women soldiers of each military service, even from years ago, when they were not in combat roles. However all the military services have women soldiers in combat roles one way or another. As with any war, they are being killed right along side the men.


So let's not forget their services to our country and the young kids they leave behind as a result of their services in the military. Like I said, you have to be near a military post to fully understand the memorial significance unless you have lost a daughter in the services.


There will be several parades in their honor right here at Ft. Hood. We can't seem to move pass the incident back in November last year where lives were lost. They are trying to get the memorial in place recognizing them for their service while losing their lives right here at home not a war zone.


I'm proud to be a veteran of a foreign war and made it back alive. But going to the VA medical facility almost daily lately and seeing my comrade who lost legs, arms and some nearly burned up in an explosion or roadside bomb makes me know I was blessed to have made it back to a free country, home of the brave.


So, it's fitting for all of us to salute the service personnel this Memorial Day and say a little pray. We all gave some, some gave all! Peace to all!


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amazing blog. I do realize due to generosity of lot of soldiers America is still powerful country in the world.


thanks for your service




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