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100+ Temps Are coming Our Way without a Doubt



Here in Central Texas we are known to have days over 100 degrees, the bad part is they come in bunches, like 21 days and more each Summer. While we placed flags on graves yesterday, it felt like over a hundred but it was not. Many folks keep applying sun tan lotions, I'm naturally tanned from birth, so I stuck it out until the job was done.


We all thought about the hot sun in Iraq and Afghanistan they endured when their lives were lost, so we did our best putting out the flags to Memorialize them on their Day. Some of you probably noticed I was not on the message board for a couple days, that was why I was a no show here.


Like I said many times, in a town like ours where soldiers are the product, a Military Town, everything is about the soldiers, men and women. We have our share of Veterans too, somehow we seem to accept this town as our home after active duty has ended. That makes the big trade here be Real Estate and many homes are build every day to meet demands. Second to that is Automobiles, all kinds. If you are military, active or retired, you can get a house or a car with the worse of credit.


Right now there are so many cars on the road with Dealer plates, Paper Tags it's not funny. We finally had to go from 6 digits to 7 digits on the car plates for Texas. I thought that would never happen. All our wide open fields and areas are now sub divisions filled with homes in every price range. We are a growing city on the move.


Some say they stayed here because of the National cemetery where they can be laid to rest as Veterans along side their kids who were killed in Iraq.


And of course the spouses will be laid to rest too, all free of charge. I really just realized this fact yesterday while out at the cemetery placing flags. Headstone markers for the soldiers and veterans are also free of charge. If you are a 100% disability from the VA, you pay no property tax, your driving licenses is free, so is a hunting/fishing permit. That is true in all 50 states but some just prefer to stay in this city than go back home.


Well, I hope I didn't bore you about Texas, but should you choose, come on down, we'll be glad to have you as neighbors.

See, then you can get the bumper sticker, It says, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could." It's a good looking sticker too! :unsure::D

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Fred, thank you for bringing some realities of the Texan way of life to us. From my view point across the Pacific life is very different from what you experience but we share the same values. To honour the dead is good, to remind ourselves of the sacrifice they made is good too. Anzac Day and Remembrance Day reminds us of the same values. We do not have big war cemetaries like you do. Most soldiers who die in conflict are buried among family graves. It is more comforting to have our dead among us.


Thank you for your own observations that you share with us. I may never come to Texas myself but I will always remember I have a good friend called Fred fwho lives in Fort Hood whose words I am often touched by.



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