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Making a little headway...



Well, my PT is coming along or maybe it's going good and I got three more sessions. It's not a whole lot I can do to start with but she thinks I will be walking without a cane soon. My mind (what I got left) is not comprehending that statement she made. So for now I don't even think about walking without a cane. My knees are so bad with arthritis, it takes all I can to stand up and walk with a cane, much less with it.


When you have a stroke and one side is weak, the nerves, the muscles and the mind, then already have a crippling factor like arthritis, it's a load to deal with for anyone older like me. This degenerative arthritis has been with me for 40 years are more. My Army profile was no walking, marching, standing, stooping, crawling and no formations standing in the sunshine because of high blood pressure.


Sure enough, that pressure busted a vessel in my head in 2004 and here I am, unable to live a normal life without a scooter to get about for any distances over 30 feet. That limits where you can go, when and how often you go. Normal functions are out. And there are still so many places not handicap ready for a scooter. All they have is stairs or steps.


Somebody invite you to their home, they live upstairs, second floor of the building with an outside entry way up. I can't leave the scooter downstairs, it'll be gone in 60 seconds at an apartment building complex. Some of our friends live in a home with steps from the street to the yard, their garage is on the lower level of a split level home with more steps.


Long story short, I hope I am walking without a cane but in case I do not, I'm not getting my feathers all bent out of shape. I'm going on seven years now and thought from the beginning I would be walking soon, but now I don't think that's the case. I'm not complaining, but should it be that way, I can operate okay like I am. I often think if I was able to walk, go places and do things, I may end up in the wrong place at the right time and could get hurt for life or worse, lose my life!


I sure don't know how many more sessions Medicare will approve for my therapy after this first one is completed. She seem to think her report will get me more sessions approved. At this point, I sure hope so. You can never get too much therapy in my mind, cause there is no time limit on getting better from a stroke. Recovery never stops!


Well, the weather here is very hot and humid, you sweat indoors under the A/C and we haven't had a triple digit yet, but any day we expect them to arrive in our area of Texas. When they come, they don't know how to stop or take a break. We've had 21 day in a row of 100 and better in past years. That's brutal on stroke survivors for sure.


Another side of my life has finally been approved...The VA approved my 100% disability, but I still got more items to get approved that they are working on slowly. :D I'm just going to keep on keeping on and take one day at a time. That's all any of us can do anyway! It would be nice if I could go to Florida to visit some of our members as I had planned for this summer. Right now those plans are on hold.


There are quite a few members between Texas and Florida, not to mention NC and SC being so close to Florida. See, I'd be a traveling Dude and walking without a cane too!!!!


I'm calling this, "making a little headway." I just gotta keep living safely! :unsure::lol:


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fred i hope you do advance to a cane just to do the acticities that you have mentioned. but i was the med assit for orthopedic drs for 8 yr, til i had the stroke abd i ve seen xray, saw and talked with patients who are bone on bone to their knees or hips. its very painful, best wishes for you patty

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I am glad to hear that you still have goals set. Yes, traveling is definitely in the future. I do think that perhaps walking without a cane is definitely in the future.


William is in a program that is a licensing program for PT's ...They work with William for 3 days of the month. for 3 months. The 1st session had him working with a couple of PT's that wanted him to walk without a cane or stick or anything. This is amazing. I don't push William that hard. A caretaker brought him to the Sunday Session and left me notes.



We will make it up to visit one day.


Love hearing from you.



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Fred: you were so happy to get those therapy sessions approved. I am so glad that they are working out for you and that you feel they are helping. By continuing to improve with the cane you may be able to do some of those steps you are talking about if you have someone to get your scooter up or wheelchair. That may be the goal you truly do achieve but if not, if you only can increase your endurance and distance then it will be well worth it. Congratulations on working so hard and seeing some results. Keep us up to date. Debbie

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Fred: As you have said we get in trouble with ourselves when we project. For us, expectations shouldn't be a word. My rehab has been up and down for 4 years now. I used to use my cane for almost everything but now I'm back to the walker. As long as I don't fall I'll try to keep things in perspective and like in the NOW. Tomorrow tho I'm going to work out - don't know if Jerry will go or not which is OK. I can drive (grateful for that), then when I get to the gym I call them and they come and get me so I'm safe. I don't have an electric wheelchair and don't know if that day will come or not. Anyhoo, your attitude is one we all can learn from. Keep it up. God will let us know when we are needed more up there then down here!! :giggle: LEAH

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