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Thought I'd give Blogs a try since the update!



Well folks I'm still in PT, today being my last session on this referral and approval by Medicare. My therapist tells me I will get another session which is about 9 appointments. That should take care of July, by then she tells me I will be walking without my cane.


So, now I'm looking forward to be dancing with my wife by my birthday! And you all thought an old man can't dance! I was light on my feet and fast too before this stroke, thus, the name, Fast Freddie! Of course, my wife is the star dancer in the family. She has been limited to Praise dance in the Church since my stroke.


I am walking much better now and without the cane in therapy and some at home. The main thing I discovered is the weak leg looses it's muscle strength and need an exercise to build it back up. That is what has happened in my case.


I don't even need the raised seat on the commode now. I can sit in a regular chair and get up without help, so it was all in the leg that needed strengthening again. I'm so happy!


So, now the heat, triple digits, are here and I took my car to the shop to get the A/C fixed, it had stopped blowing out. The doors under the dash wouldn't open up to direct air in the directions you choose with the dial. I'm getting a brake job too while it's there.


I hope my very next Blog is about me walking without my cane, a day I thought would never come. So until then I'm watching baseball and lining up my "member meeting member" trip all the way to Florida, Alabama, Georgia and over to visit members in N.C. real soon.


We are sorta waiting to see how my wife's mom is doing in New Orleans, she is in and out of the hospital daily and asking for her daughter Marion. So we could be going there real soon if we get the word to "come now!" She is 83 on dialyses three times a week and weigh about 110 pounds.


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PT is working. I am so happy for you. Yes, Dancing!!! i will be cheering you on.


I will start William in PT in July. How are you strengtheninge leg muscles?? I might try it out on William



This hot weather is miserable.

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:happydance: I'm so happy for you on your progress.

you keep up that good work but don't forget to include

your good leg.


Fred I walk without my cane in the house but I find otherwise

I walk with a cane. It keeps me from falling from uneven floors, other people bumping into me an placing me off balance.

But, you will find your how well balanced on your own.


Glad you choose to blog



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I am so happy for you.... keep building strength.... it sounds like a real possibility to be dancing with your wife for your birthday... so so excited for you. Keep up the hard work.


Hugs Anne

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hey Fred:


amazing first blog in upgraded system with amazing news. I am so happy that your therapy is going on great, and you are planning to dance with your wife on your birthday. we want to see lot of picture. your road trip sounds like fun.



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Thanks to all of you, I'm back, will rest up and (maybe)log in tomorrow to get my feet back in the stepping grove. :D

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