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Learning how to use the features



Well, I'm still in the process of learning to use the features we have now. It's not easy for me as I hate to start clicking and pressing buttons. I just tried to use sizes, fonts, and other features to no avail.


I would think when I click on the arrow in the box for sizes, it would drop down and give me choices. Well it didn't, maybe I was suppose to double click?? I even clicked on the sign that says, Insert ink, since my writing seems to be very light.


The only thing I got to work was the yellow icons. I clicked on spell check, it wasn't detected and said go to download, so I hit cancel. There is no telling what I would have downloaded!


I'm glad that when I put the arrow on an item it says what it is, not how to use it. I see some members have figured it out, that's great. I just got my laptop back today for 108.00. Windows had to be reloaded and some other things done.


Now, I be typing on it and look up to see what's happening, it's double typing somehow.

They told me to bring it back tomorrow and show them what I'm doing and what the computer is doing. In fact I started to post a reply on here but had to stop and get on my desk top.


Now, my pointer arrow goes into a hand with the finger pointing, I click and nothing happens!


I guess I have a question?... When I click on Sizes, Fonts or anything on the line below that, why don't I get something to show, change or something happen???



Now, I just noticed above it says, This website wants to run the following add-on; 'ieSpell Core Module' from Red Egg Software. I don't know that site so I X'ed out.

OH well, one day I'll know all about the computer, by then all we'll have is ipads!


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How were things in New Orleans?? Was your mother-in-law OK?

When I post in the blogs. I click on size and I get a drop down menu.

I will try it and see if I can give you some instruction.



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Guest lwisman




Try highlighting the text before you change formatting options.


Have you tried the Help button yet? It is located at the upper right of most screens, just under your name. It is not a comprehensive list, but hopefully it can answer most of your questions.


Take care,



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