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birthday, graduation and more falls for Ray



What an interesting couple of days, my birthday, my graduation and a meeting of WAGS. We seem to have been too busy on the meeting dates to attend WAGS meetings for the past three months so it was nice to catch up with the folks at our Stroke Support group. It was a pity we couldn


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Sue: Happy Birthday! I am so glad you were able to spend it for yourself. It's funny how the simple things are the best gifts. My Mom was also a Deacon and congratulations to you, you will be an inspiration even if you can only do it once in a while. I am sorry about Ray's falls, or near misses. Please, please be careful. Better to lower him down and wait for Trev than to risk getting hurt yourself. Will see you in chat on Tuesday. Debbie

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Happy birthday. yes time alone is such a precious gift. Like Debbie said. Please be careful. Don't hurt yourself trying to protect Ray.


Congratulations on your graduation. you will be doing your church duties when you can. Its in your blood and heart and soul.





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Happy Belated Birthday. I truly appereciate simple things in life now thanks to stroke. hope you find reason for Ray's falls.



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Happy Birthday, Sue. Enjoying a break all to youself is a great way to celebrate. Congratulations on you achievement of a personal goal. We could always award you the title Bishop of StrokeNet!


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