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we missed you around here. I am so sorry that your camp Breakaway didn't turn out to be relaxing due to health issues of Ray. Sue I am so glad you are blogging, your blogs always inspires me.



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sue bless your heart, i am sorry you were unable to fully enjoy the camp breakaway. i know u and ray enjoy them so much. i hope they can solve ray's pain issue. i know you know that ray is getting worse as he ages. its a hard decision to put our loved ones away from us. maybe your mum and ray could share a room,lol only kidding. your poor mum has had a rough time lately too. i feel the stress on you is mounting to an all time high level and am worried about your health now. you need some help sue before you completely collapse. you cannot do it all. i wish there was something all of us could do for you to ease your load. you need a genie in a bottle, lol bless you sue for all you do for those you love. take care and talk to those boys for some help all children have lives of their own once they grow up. but ray is their dad and they need to help you out. you need a holiday away somewhere you can relax and do nothing for a few weeks to start.


love n hugs,


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I am sorry to hear about the change in Ray. I know that you will do all that you can to continue to take care of Ray at home. I missed you on Tues.


I hope that the tests come back with some information that you can use.


Please remember to take care of yourself.



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Sue: we missed you terribly. I am sorry about your getaway, I was thinking of you guys all week. I am sorry about Ray's decline although you had said you were aware of it and watching. Hopefully, like Sharon you will know in your heart the right time to make changes. I look forward to Tuesday, in the meantime, please take care, Debbie

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