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Today was amazing!! I am walking William in the pool. It is 5AM in the morning. All of a sudden William is swimming!! Didn't even bother letting me know what he is going to do. What a shock. He has just started putting his face and head in the water. Now he is swimming with his right arm and kicking his legs.


He reminded me that I needed to take the weights and water shoes off. I had not even thought of this. He kept swimming with his right arm and his legs. I tried to work the left arm. We even took the floaty belt off. William is getting brave in the water.


He even wanted to walk out of the pool using the steps. I told him that I am not quite ready for that yet. He feels that he is. We went up a couple of steps and then I had him walk down.


Of course, he wanted to get up at 2AM. I had to beg him to stay in bed until 5AM.


We get to the pool and it is dark. Now, William is confused he thinks that it is the evening. When we finally get finished he can tell that it is the morning.


We even went next door and visited our neighbor. William had to walk up some steps but he managed.


He was even engrossed in a sports magazine. I put on a yoga tape during breakfast and he wants to get back into yoga. I told him that I have some beginning exercises to start.


Today is strange. William usually sits in hi recliner but today he asked to go to the couch to lie down. This is different. At 2 am he wanted to get up and eat. But I said try to hold off. I don't want to fix anything. I finally gave in and gave him a cereal bar and some yogurt.





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that's quite encouraging. allow him to do more for himself and eventually it will become easier for you. maybe allow him to fix his own breakfast & little things he can do safely I know that will build his confidence.



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