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Oatmeal for breakfast with cantelope



I had just listened to a program on diet. This has prompted me into a better diet again. I fiexed peanut butter toast, oaktmeal with strawberries, apricots and pineapple and OJ. I told William that the the peanut butter toast was like bacon and eggs. He loved the fruit.


We made it to the therapeutic pool today. We had a nice long hour in the water. William is so much better in warm water. He was willing to stay for an hour. We did the warm exercises and walking and leg exercises and planks.


We came home and I made the healthy breakfast.


I have turned on the TV and put on netflex. William is engrossed in a militray documentary. He loves histroy. i am not a fan of that type of program. But, you cannot tear William away from the program.


I told William that I have noticed that he has more energy and is able to stay up for longer periods of time. His cognitive procesesses are improving.


He is eating neater and does not need as much help. All in all we are getting better.


He keeps wanting to go on a vacation. I told him that i imagine that it might tiake a year. It is just too much work for me. he agreed.


He is able to use the urinal at night. Yes, things are looking up.








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Ruth, this sounds so like me in 2001 two years after Ray's major strokes when he finally started to get over all the trauma and wanted to improve. Long may it last for you and William.


Yes, do plan that holiday. We had six wonderful holidays traveling with a seniors group so that starts were later, days shorter and we did enjoy what we saw and travelled as we had longed to. In 2007 suddenly they were no longer possible as Ray took far too long to wake up and get dressed but we have all those beautiful memories. Now when we see photos of so many places in Australia we can say - been there, done that.



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Ruth: what a terrific week. Good for you guys. Bruce signed us up for a nutrition magazine (more like a pamphlet) but very interesting. He went through a stage where he found discount subscriptions and ordered all of them. Now in all fairness he reads everything that comes into this house, so there is an upside. They did a segment on nutritional supplements, which his Neuro has him on, but the pamphlet article led to some very interesting questions which will be addressed with the Neuro later this month to be sure. If he is watching one program all the way through without changing stations, I would say let him go for it. All I get are sit coms with VERY LOUD soundtracks. The urinal success is worth a piece of bacon, tho=lol. Best, Debbie

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That's great progress in a relatively short time period. Keep up the progress Ruth, William is glad you are his care giver.

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