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Problems ordering Prescripts



I get Carl's and my scripts from our hospital pharmacy. For five years the system was, new scripts drop off and usually with in 2 days pick them up. Refills - RX# first two digits refer to the location of pickup, the next 9 your #. Location of RX# is above your name on the label on each pill bottle/ refills are for 30 out. Once you place your refills you have to give them 48 hours for pickup. This is all explained

on the recording. All well and good.

This month :oops: refills can now be only called in, only NEW scripts can be dropped off. My refills won't take, I had to talk to the pharmacist.

That was ok but I had to wait 20 minutes :uhm: . While waiting I was thinking

of questions I wanted answered.

The person I spoke to was very accommodating

. The calling in scripts is going threw an update, reconfiguration.

Frustration :ranting: built up doing this. So I am hoping next month will be easier.

You are probably wondering why don't I just go to the neighbor chain drugstore etc. I'm asking that myself, but I know the answer: It works for me, medicare script insurance is the best price were I'm at now.

:chat: I know this was a one sided chat ha!ha! I need to vent. Now I'm cool calm and collected. Thanks for your ear.

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Jeannie: The bottom line here is we (meaning survivors and caregivers) do not need any more cooks in our stew-lol. You just get into a routine and someone messes it up for you. You are getting the right price and hopefully when all the wrinkles are ironed out, the best service. Also everything with one pharmacy is always safest. My rule of thumb was always if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Somehow with all this new technology everything needs a fixing. LOL. Debbie

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