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I forgot and I was blessed



This all started back in January 2010. I received a recall notice on my Saturn Vue that is a 2008, that I bought used in 2009. This vehicle has been running beautiful, after all I traded in a 12 year old car. Back to the recall notice. It read something about the heater core and pressures from hot to cold would fail. It stated I have until 2011 to bring in to a dealer. I put the letter aside and said one day.


About a month ago Carl said to me something is happening with the car, the windshield is fogging in the middle of a hot summer day. I finally stopped one evening on the way home at our neighborhood mechanic. Well, it was not good news. I told him about the windshield fogging and the smell of antifreeze. The mechanic didn't even have to look under the hood he new what it was. Sound like your heater core, to replace you have to take the dashboard out and it is about a 3 day repair and here comes the bad news $600.00. WOW!


Armed with this news I returned home and told Carl. Let me insert the Carl did not take it in because with his aphasia his clarity of words for people is like him having to play surraides. Carl reminds me of the recall notice we received, good thing one of use still have our short term memory.


I knew that our regular dealership closed so I thought I'll go online thinking it should have the most updated information. WRONG!

I called the number that was on the notification but being that I guess Saturn no longer exist it did not really give any info. So during the week we are going to my bank, which we have to take the freeway 10 miles.

I run in the bank and do my banking, returning to the car Carl said the overheat light came on. Well, we start out hoping to find a part store or a mechanic place that does repairs. Lucky Carl pulls in a place

1 block away, I run in and ask if they could help. They were really nice, they understood our problem and filled the water reservoir. Since we where at a repair store I asked if they had the numbers to Chevrolet dealers that were left open after so many had closed.Now I have the number to call for the dealer. We were on our way after that. From after that I put a jug of water in the car.


Now comes the good part or I thought would be the good part. I call the dealer and got a appointment, have to be their by 9AM because he lets me know the mechanics go to lunch from 11 to 12. We arrive right on time even after getting in the middle of morning rush hour. Now this is Tuesday. Noon the service manager comes out to let us know they have to replace the heater core and it will be 2 to 3 days. Enterprise rental will be here to pick us up, and here is a voucher for 3 days GM will pay for the rental. I find this all well and good.


Thursday we get the call the car is ready. Carl wants to pick up the car first they take the rental back, I thought that was a great idea. I get in the car and check that their are no lights on and looks ok to me so I signal to Carl were ready. Off we go to the rental store just across the street and return the rental. Now that's done were hungry. We pull out go about 1 block and Carl says my seat belt light is on but I had that all secured on. Then about another block the car is running hot again.

Back to the dealer. Not a happy camper to say the least.

The service manager says to us it probably needs to be burped and then he says these are hard to get rid of all the air bubbles when you have to drain the whole water system. I remind him the seat belt light is remaining on. Service manager takes it back to the mechanic.


Two hours later service manager comes out and explains what is going on and yep, were going to put you in a rental, and it should take only a day.

It's under warranty and GM will pick up the rental charge.


Now it's Friday rush hour traffic and our car is ready. I don't want to fight the traffic so I'll pick up the car Saturday before 2pm. We go threw picking up and dropping off. Now on to lunch. Carl goes to lock the car and the horn does not sound when locking the doors. We make sure all the doors or closed and I just decide to try the horn on the steering wheel and the does not blow.

By now I'm ready for lunch and we will stop back at the dealer after. Too late their all gone for the day. It will have to be back to the dealer on Monday. The saga will continue.


A note on my butterfly garden this year is blooming great, my Mexican s1unflowers main stalk are over 10 feet tall until we have a hard rain storm.



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Jeannie: Right after Bruce was discharged to home, the home PT started transferring him to the truck (Burce's vehicle). While we can get him in and out of my Honda, the truck is a piece of cake. I call our mechanics and have the truck gone over-also need tires, 4 new. Next day, back tire low, I drive it to mechanic, no leak found, they refill and off we go. Next morning, tire is completely flat. AAA comes,changes into the spare and off we go to the mechanic. Tire was apparently defective from the get go. Gotta love it. Debbie

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wow, sounds like your dealer is as bad as the Brakes Plus where my son took his car for an oil change. They thought they put oil back in it after draining the old oil, locked up the engine and had to replace it with another used one. The used engine has given him nothing but one problem after another - and he's spent well over $800 on repairs since (things that supposedly have nothing to do with the original problem). Yeah right!!!



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