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Life has definitely changed for me during the last 9 months. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in October, it has been a long journey. After my stroke in April of 2007, I am not sure that I wasn't just existing. Yes, I was busy and involved but in looking back it was on a guarded basis. Today I am living life to the fullest again and not afraid to take chances. I flew on my own and met friends in Atlanta recently. I didn't let my deficits weigh me down a bit.


My hair started to come in about a month ago. I still need to wear my wig or head covering, but seeing hair again is wonderful. I am scheduled for a blood transfusion next Monday as my counts are still low. Hopefully this will be my last. My nails are falling off from the chemo but this, too, shall pass.


Life is so good once again. I am scheduled to do another volunteer study in PT for my leg again and am looking forward to this. I still watch our grandson twice a week and even did this during chemo. Can you believe he will be two in early July??? Our yard is full of lovely flowers...and much of this is due to all of the rain we have received.


I'm not on here as much as I used to be as I am volunteering at the breast cancer center as well as Make A Wish.


I love you all and pray daily for my stroke net friends.


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You have certainly had an uphill battle, and, from all accounts you are winning. :) Keep up the positive attitude, surround yourself with family and friends and be peaceful and happy.


You are truly and inspiration to me.


Love and Hugs Anne

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Stessie, it is so good to read your lovely sunny post. I admire you so much for the way you live your life with such zest. You are truly a survivor in all senses of the word.


I echo Anne's words - surround yourself with family and friends and all who love you. Enjoy life to the fullest of your ability and enjoy your summer and the beauty around you.



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I get so much strength & always get inspired by your

positive attitude towards life. you are amazing stroke cancer survivor. please even if you get busy do consider this blogging as another volunteer work. you don't know how much strength your blog provides to all the blogreaders. I can't believe your grandson is already 2, still remember he crawling into things. time just flies.




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I am so glad to hear from you again. I am ecstatic that your are up and about again.


Keep going. You are doing marvelously.



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oh stessy i am so sorry to hear of your struggles, but you are a very strong girl and i am glad for that and i am so glad to hear that you are out and about able to enjoy tor grandson take care stessy, and i am very glad to know that you are doing so well and that i have had the pleasure of knowing you stessy all the best to you stessy

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It's great that you volunteer, I hope to do something like that when I am more able. I find this inspirational.


Congratulations on battling these overwhelming life problems and winning. I wish I was as strong as you are (and others I have read about) but I will not lie, I am not that strong.


I'm always amazed by what I read on this site! Take care,



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stessie, your spirits are definitely ip again like our old stessie. look at you go too. i pray all of this is over soon for ,another bump behind you on this road to recovery. i see alot of happy days again for you. we are so blessed you made it through all of this and are still here with us. god has plans for you.

be safe and well, lots of love and hugs.



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