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Hurricane Alex



Hurricane Alex is coming this way. I told William that this morning at 5AM. "Lets go to the pool before the storm hits." William woke from a sound sleep and went to the pool with me. We were the first ones in the pool. it was as smooth as glass.


William wanted to get out of the pool in 10 minutes. I persuaded him that we needed to stay 30 min. 6:30AM. Now, that William get use the instead of the chair lift...he heads for the walkway. I tried to explaine that with the hurricane we needed to try use the pool today. It may be too stormy tomorrow and Friday.


The other members that notice William say that he is doing better. Stamina is a hard thing to build up. He is wiped out and sleeping in bed.


I am going to the store. I forgot to buy bacon. I need to get some metrolift tickets. I finally got the authorization for Wm to use metro lift. I just need to learn how this trip/ride assist works.


We had a friend call and inform us that we can go on some trips with an assisted living place that she works at. This is one more trip that Wm can take.


I need to log off now and try to learn about metro lift.


I signed Wm up for 211 the emergency evacuation for handicapped people. Hopefully, we will not every need that.




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Ruth that was a good decision to go to the pool before

the storm starts rumbling in your area.


:You-Rock: Ruth with the energy you have. William

is blessed to have you.

HUGS Jeannie

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I think we dodged the bullet with this hurricane, of course we may not be so lucky with the next one threatening the Texas Coast! Glad you two are OK and he is really coming along!


My PT is ending in July but I'm already walking without my quad cane. I just haven't mastered the step up on the curd yet. I lean on my car to get my right foot on the curb. Stepping down with the weak leg is no problem.


OK, take care, see you all again, I hope real soon!!


BTW, since you changed your Blog settings, I bet you get more blog comments?, Yea?!

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