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A little about me.....



I gotta tell ya, I don't believe in luck. I might say to some folks that They're lucky, but for the most part, I just say that to be saying something.

Ok, so a lot of people tell me that I'm lucky, but I prefer to say that I'm blessed. I was lock-in for several weeks after my stroke, just being able to move my eyes at first. Then slowly I got movement in my neck back after about 4 weeks and in my second hospital. I started getting some movement in my right hand while I was there, but didn't move my arm until I was at hospital number 3, a rehab hospital, I was there till Father's Day.


I slowly got movement back in my whole right arm and progressed steadily until I had full movement in my arm and partial movement in my right leg. My left leg moves slowly and the movement in my left arm is spastic. I do have foot-drop in my left foot, I am in no pain at all, I see and think just as I always have. :happydance:


My name is Perry Stevens, I stroked on 12/25/2000 in the morning around 8:00. :angry2:


I now have a service dog, a Standard Poodle named Bo, He is about 85 lbs. or so. My wife is Myra, we've been married since 1979. My 2 kids are my son Drew--28 and my daughter Bekah--25.


Now you're caught up on me, hope to see ya around. :rolleyes:


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hey Perry:


welcome back to our wonderful world of blogging. my hubby also calls me blessed not lucky. you have great attitude, and with that attitude you can only go up.


hope to see you around more often.



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Perry, I have to agree with you about using the term "Lucky" when speaking about strokes and survival. I certainly feel blessed and I can guess, Lucky is used by people whom for what ever reasons may not have a ton of faith in the Lord our God!


When I say Lucky, it's for the same reason as you say it to others. Even if and when I win the lottery, some may say I'm Lucky, but to me I would have been blessed by God! But that's just me, I can not deny him ever!

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