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Just another Monday



Last week I was discharged from my Home Health Medical Service after about 3 months of physicaal therapy and speech therpy and a bi-weekly visit from a nurse. I had very little occupational therapy this last time as we all agreed that although it felt great when they stretched and pulled on my left arm, they really weren't doing anything we couldn't do ourself. (daggone left arm :ranting: )


You'd think, at least I do anyway, that insurance would pay for me to get 'maintenance' therapy. But noooooo, they only approve it if I have been sick or in the hospital. So, here's the circle I'm in, I get therapy to get to a certain point or where I stop improving or meeting the goals they set for me after I have been sick. Then they are told that to continue with me I must improve, to improve any I need therapy, and when I don't have their help staying active, Myra and me an only do so much, I get fairly stiff and usually wind up getting sick. Then I qualify for therapy again :rolleyes:


We've been doing this cycle for at least the last 5 years or so, it may have been longer, but we didn't notice it as much :rolleyes:


So, I'm just sitting here today, eating my mini pretzles and waiting for the Home Run Derby tonight to come on the tube. MMMMMMM I love mini pretzles, they kinda get soft in my mouth and are fairly easy for me to eat. :Clap-Hands:


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is there some therapy you can do on your own, by joining to your local gym. I have realized to maintain quality of life for me and my family I need to do exercise atleast 4 days in a week, and we have bought equipments which I can use independently at home. & I make sure I do those exercises at home. life has been on even keel because of tthose exercises. I view my exercises as my job to keep my family out of trouble. hope you find your even keel soon.



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Perry: Bruce's OT at home for his arm stopped after a few weeks because she knew he needed more aggressive therapy, machines and Estim and did not want to use up his therapy visits for no reason. His insurance called for 30 home visits=regardless of the therapy. We were already private paying for speech, so the up side was PT was able to use up the time allowed by the OT. I don't know how much you can do at home, but any kind of walking and always sit and stand. March in place in your WC. Look for a community pool if you are able to get in with help but not a lift-those are cheap and if not the local YMCA will be the least expensive and offer gym and pool. At the very least transfer into bed; stretch, turn on both sides and hold for a good five minutes or more, turn onto stomach, transfer back out. Do this a couple of times a day. You can use kitchen counters to hold you up to stand if you do not have or use a grabbar. And make sure you are moving yourself around the house in your WC. Insurance system is a mess as we all know and there is no relief in sight, so figure out what works best for you and the cheapest so you can continue the hard work on your recovery. Best, Debbie

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