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Oh well...



A while back I had a big problem with my body temp. It would go real high, 103+, and wouldn't come back down, so to the ER I went. As things go, they had just completed building on to their ER, so I was their very first patient there, it was scheduled to open the very next morning and I went to the hosp. at about midnight the night before. So they allowed me to be the first patient in there.


WHEN I had my heart attack, they had just opened that morning the new heart center and I was the first patient in it.


The hospital just opened a new wing in their OB section, Myra said that I better not be the first patient in there, :happydance: :happydance:


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Perry, I'm so glad to see you back on the message board. You always made a comment in my sports topics about baseball and the other sports.


I followed basketball and football all the way to the Superbowl but couldn't get many of our members interested enough to make a comment about the games! I did the winter Olympics too but not much interest in that sport either!


Baseball just got so many games going on the same day or night until it's hard now to make posting about the outcomes interesting enough to get the interest!


Now, I mostly just tell jokes and writings now and then! It's great to have you back Perry! Have you noticed the smiley faces don't work on the Blog Forum? Use them and I use them here but they don't show, just their names!

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