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Wheelchair news



I have 2 power wheelchairs and one manual push chair, which we use only if my power chairs are 'down.' The chair I use the most is my biggest, it's a Jazzy and it tilts in space so it tilts to put more of my weight on my bck than on my butt.


My other chair is a Hoveround, and we keep it in our van so we use it as a travel chair. Since I am able to support myself with my one functioning leg, the other leg is a counter balance sorta, and can be moved from one seat to another without a whole lot of trouble. Transfering into my 'travel chair' is fairly easy.


Now the news -- my Hoveround uses 2 batteries, well, one of them went bad, (a dry cell), so we called the company to send a repairman becuse at the time we didn't know what the problem was, we just knew that my chair wouldn't work or even get charged. The repairman showed up, and got us 2 new Hoveround batteries. He then went on to tell us that instead of paying for a repairman visit, plus any parts, tht if these new batteries went bad we could replace them for about half the cost the company charged by just buying riding lawnmower batteries. That's what they use, only liscened under the Hoveround name. Imagine that.

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I been riding a scooter going on 7 years now. The VA has a contracted business across the street from them. That's where we go for replacement batteries. Now for my Medicare scooter they send me to one of their places who works on scooters to get it replaced.


I can go to the battery warehouse and get the same batteries VA or Medicare are paying double for. I tried a hoveround, I got on and couldn't get off. My VA scooter is a Champions and the Medicare one is smaller for indoors made by Go-Go industry.

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