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We as people got to believe we can do or accomplish something without saying, "I can't or I won't or it's not possible in my case!" We have to T- R- Y, success will come with will power and determination. Two months ago I said I probably would not walk again without a cane. With proper therapy now, I'm walking without a cane!


This is only the beginning, you must have faith in yourself first then in who is leading the way in your recovery. In my case I put God first, but in all cases you got to want to be better, it's not hard with the technology these days. Therapy has made great strides in just the last few years in their training and how they teach us to get better.


Years ago people with strokes and other injuries stayed indoors, mostly out of sight and we didn't have then the equipment for the handicap we have today. I think back then it was a cane or crutches. Today we have adjustable canes, walkers with wheels and a seat, power chairs, scooters and means to adapt our cars so we can drive again!


The side walks, doorways, restrooms and other places we need to go do business is handicap accessible for the most part. Especially the doors to buildings, offices and many places we conduct our business has a touch door opener, we just walk or ride right on in and conduct our business. No one is needed to help us in many cases.


We must get the will to help ourselves, get up and get out the house! I'm so happy I can do what I do and I believe others can too! Staying young at heart and in mind, try everything twice, don't give up so easily, it probably can be done by you! Grouches can pull you down, keep only cheerful friends, enjoy the simple things like going to the mall, shopping, eating out, take in a movie and make time for you!


Keep learning, about computer, crafts, gardening or what ever suits your fancy. Laugh often, long and loud cause you are alive thank God so live a little. Sure, tears happen, endure, grieve, and move on, it's not the end. Live while you are alive. I celebrate life and my second chance, I'm not letting it slip away! Do what you love, make love, surround yourself with what you love. For me God is in my life, I enjoy going to church each Sunday!


If you have family, pets, keepsakes, hobbies, gardens or what ever, do what you like. Take care of you, cherish your health and what we got left after our strokes. Try to improve all the time, if it's beyond what you can improve, get the help you need. Don't take guilt trips, but do go to the stores, malls and explore! At times we tell ourselves we are shut in or can't do but never tried.


Tell the people you love that you love them at every opportunity. Forgive those who made you cry or sad or gave you wrong information. It happens all the time cause they think they know but really don't. So, you lose time based on their false information and lost time can never be found or made up. Many time they want you to make the decision for them and blame you if things go wrong! Always be kind, everyone needs a friend they can trust.


Remember, you can always trust God, He will never leave you nor forsake you and he's with you even until the end! I been wanting to write this since my therapist started me walking without my cane! I'm happy! I want everybody else to be happy too!


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:congrats: walking without cane what a great accomplishment. I am so happy for you, you made my day and today is very special day of mine. keep on giving good fight and enjoyig your second chance to fullest.



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Fred you are indeed amazing I have got to call you but I want to do it from my cell phone and had left it at my sons house. My grandaughter found it back so You will get a call soon Tomorrow is Kaylees B day She is 3 and so tomorrow is her day with Grandma my concerns can wait another day but your going to be getting that call from me. Fred you are an Inspiration and always remind me its all good God is in control Indeed its all Good Hugs Karen

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Fred you are an inspiration. The first thing that came to my mind when I read your entry is that it should be copied and pasted on the forum so everyone can see it, even those who dont read the blogs.Love your positive attitude Fred. Keep on keeping on,



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Fred, You have inspired me to start therapy again. I'm going to call insurance co to find out what I need to do. My brain pathways didn't re-connect the 1st time around, but who knows, this time might work. I'll let you know.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are amazing!! Your spirit and faith are great!!


I am so happy to hear about your progress.



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