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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Now and Then 1941- 2010 69 Years



Tuesday July 22, 1941 President/VP Franklin D. Roosevelt/Henry A. Wallace


Freddie King Birthstone – Ruby Birth Sign – Cancer



Events of the month:


In the United States, President Roosevelt nationalized the Filipino army under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Roosevelt also appoints William Donovan as the leader of the new Office of Strategic Services (OSS)…Later the CIA. The German army receives little resistance from the Soviet soldiers. The German forces push easily through the Eastern Front and are on the verge of seizing the city of Novgorod. Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler announce plans to divide Yugoslavia and establish an independent Croatia.


The Year’s Sports Highlights:


In baseball, the New York Yankees take the World Series in five games over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Stanford defeats Nebraska, 21-13, in the Rose Bowl and the Chicago Bears beat New York, 37-9 in the NFL playoffs. Also this year, Whirlaway, ridden by Eddie Arcaro, wins the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown.


Five-year heavyweight champion Joe Louis beats Buddy Baer in the seventh round on a disqualification. Craig Wood wins golf’s U.S. Open with a score of 284.


Then vs. Now Cost of Living Comparisons


1941 2010

Gallon of Milk $.34 3.87

Loaf of Bread $.08 1.40

New Auto $925.00 24,125.00

Gallon of Gas $.15 3.86

New Home $6,954.00 183,300.00

Average Income $1,231.00 34,327.44

Dow Jones $110.96 8,635.42


Popular Music:


Back in 1941, the popular songs were:”Amapola” performed by Jimmy Dorsey; “Chattanooga Choo Choo by Glenn Miller.


And of course we can’t forget Pearl Harbor in 1941.


Least but not last, I was born July 22, 1941, the eighteenth child to a 43 year old mom!


Happy birthday to me, I guess I’ve come a long way baby!


Recommended Comments

Hey Fred:




interesting facts you listed there. you have seen much

in your life and it is good you are here with us to share some of those things.


hope your B-day is great!!! gonna be able to get all of those candles on one cake????

just kiddin friend.

take care.





:happybday: :bouncing_off_wall:

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Thanks for sharing these interesting facts.

Of all the one of greatest note is

How incredibly blessed with an amazing mother you were

to have been one of eighteen and have been raised to be

the classy gentleman of such character that you are.


Happy birthday my friend


Maria :mwah:

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Guest lwisman


Congratulations Fred. Hope it was a great day. In a year you reach the big 70. Bet you can't wait, LOL.



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