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Happiness vs Depression!



Happiness is what life is all about in my book. I think God wanted us to be happy people. He gave man a companion and said he cannot live by bread alone. We will have sad times, bumps in the road, down times, hard times but they should work to make us even stronger people!


I'm so happy I have the companion I have now and a second chance to live more life on earth after this stroke, I just don't know how to express myself. I wish no one ever has to be depressed in a life time, especially with medical problems. But, we are all here as a result of medical problems so depression goes along the same road to recovery.


The more we strive to cast off depression, take medications and have a strong belief that life will one day be happy again we will be looking forward to the trip. I'm in that mode now, the happiest I've been in my whole life. Sure, I can't physically do many things I once did but that doesn't dampen my happiness to live the best life I can worry free and depression free.


I read the comments of members that say how depressed they are now but are alive and doing pretty good! I guess my thing is to not look back at what should have or could have been. It wasn't, and that's that, I don't get bogged down in thinking what I am not, but what I am and my happiness that follows my life now!


The new me and all that goes or comes with that fact is what I pray about and think about daily! I feel that keeps me from having negative thoughts I can't control anyway. Negative thoughts and thinking can bring about depressions in a life. I feel positive thoughts and actions will bring about happiness in our lives!


I just wanted to mention that to the membership of how I cope with life now. You read where I'm just happy to be alive, and I truly am! I don't worry about tomorrow, it's not promised, just the promised land! One day we will all go there! Thank all of you wishing me a happy birthday, it felt great to make it to 69. BTW, if any of you feel the need to contact me, please do so. Send me an email, I'll gladly give you my cell number so we can converse. Some of you already got it and you got my approval to give it to other members!


I just want many of us to be Happy all the time! The others...Most of the time with no depressions, OK? :big_grin: :big_grin:


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Hey Fred:


gotta tell ya friend....

this entry meant a lot to me.

i could tell you were totally speaking from the heart....


without being critical, or speaking beyond your own experience.

i could also tell, underneath that outer layer of yours :D

is a kind-hearted gentleman.


many thanks.




:bbq: gotta burger fresh off the grill if ya want!

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hey Fred:


great blog. I also feel I have found once you accept new you, happiness is not far behind. I realized I am still worth a lot even after my disability.



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Great post! One way I keep from getting depressed is that I keep trying to figure out cool new ways to do the things I have trouble doing now that I'm a survivor. Sometimes I get to buy a new toy... and that can be fun.



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