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Hotter Days Are very near



Our weather people on every TV channel in our viewing area says we got at least 5 days of triple digit heat starting this week end! So far we been blessed, only two days so far of a hundred or more. We have had 20 and more consecutive days of 100 and more in years past. It's unbearable and the electric bill will be sky high. I hope we all make it through without any deaths of heat exhaustion!


The elderly really has to be cared for and checked on daily. Most of them are home alone except for a pet or two. Their kids are grown and gone but I pray they take the time to call home and check in on them. I ride my scooter in the neighborhood to the houses of the ones I know about.


The other factor people tend to ignore is the skin exposure to the sun for too long a period of time. That causes much skin damage and cancers. Go ahead, get your tans but be sensible about it.


Many of the home gardens will not survive this kind of heat, so be prepared to pay bigger city water bill too!


The neighborhood watch program is in full swing and the police do regular patrols too. If any of you are able to get about in your community, check on the elderly please cause I think it's gonna be pretty hot all across the USA. Definitely here in central Texas!


If it's very hot in your hometown or where you live, just be careful and play it safely, stay indoors in the A/C or go to the big grocery stores or the malls and soak up a bit of their A/C and some fresh fruits too!


I plan on doing just that on some of those hot, hot days!

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Fred, remember the days before A/C when we hung wet sheets over the windows and doors and cooled the house that way? Here we also used to leave water in the bath and pop the kids in there to keep them cool and moist. Mum topped it up with cold water from the refrigerator and gave us kids ice blocks to keep us cool. We all played under the hose and flocked to any kind of waterhole. Of course we looked after the little ones who couldn't swim, made sure they played in the shallows.


Looking in on the neighbours and old folk is a great idea and maybe taking them a nice cold fruit drink, because some of them won't maybe think of that. Wearing loose clothing is good in the heat and a nice wide brimmed hat too. I've seen people with bad sunburn on their feet as they remember to cover their faces in sun lotion but not their feet if they have sandals on.


Just reading your post took me back to my childhood in a town where heat waves and weeks above 100 degrees were the normal summer weather. And we survived and thrived on it.



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