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Believe You Can, Have Faith It Can Happen



Hi to all,


I been thinking!, I read a book, and now, I really believe I can and all of us can get better from the lowest struggle to the highest stroke survivor, in terms of how we are, what we are, and how the stroke affected our minds and bodies! Sure, we got struggle ahead of us, but it can happen that one day we can walk, talk, see, think, and recover with use of our bodies much more than we can at this moment in time!


We have to believe we can, yes, we have to work at it, both, physically and mentally! By that I mean we are living now and surely we can live better when we be more positive that we can do anything with a positive attitude!


I'm bad about saying, "I can't", "I don't" which is negative! "I can, I will, I do and I will is positive thinking. We all have the potential and success is our way out with the opportunity to heal way beyond where we are now in our recovery process!! I honestly believe that fact. Think about it, we are living now and enjoying what we have and can do mentally and physically too!


Why not acquire the positive attitude and say, I can walk...not fast, not very far but can walk?? I always said I can't walk far, good or at all, which is what I always negatively say in describing how I walk! I'm changing my attitude and my words out of my mouth to be ALL positive and believe I can! Otherwise we hinder ourselves in our progress and success outcome of our strokes.


When we do that, we get depressed, we think more negatively, we feel the world is against us in getting better in our recovery! When, all along it's us that is speaking negative in what we can do. Yet, we say we have a positive attitude...Guess what? We don't!


So come on...Get on board with me, let's ride the Positive train to better health, a better life and live it like no tomorrow!! When I think back over 6 years ago, I was in a WC, I Could make a few steps walking with the chair right behind me...Today, I can walk, drive my car, feed myself and shower!


Granted, we all had different strokes with limitations different from each other even with the same kind of stroke. It affected different parts of the brain. So, sometimes we feel we can't, when in fact we CAN, we just didn't try it yet!! You agree? So, after we try, we say, wow, I didn't know I could do this or that? That's success we made and can get even farther in our MINDS, just think positive! It happens, that's progress, small or large, it's moving forward in our gold to get BETTER!


Look! Strong positive convictions precede good actions in our recovery every time! Real winners keep on winning while the negative attitudes always lose ground and are left behind! Time flies by fast, don't wait, get on board with your recovery. Every step, small or big is progress forward! People don't fail so much, but they just give up easily! Probably why we see that phrase here so often, "Don't give up", never quit trying to be better, be healthier and live longer!


Believe you can, have faith, it can happen, you want to live a long time and do most of the things you've done most of your life! OK, like anything else, this may not apply to every stroke survivor for many reasons and their conditions of the stroke but they can be positive they can get better and live a happy life with their loved ones by their sides!


When God is first in your life things are always better. If He brings you to it, He will get you through it! You can succeed better in a positive mind set and while helping others. Decisions you make to get better and farther away from where you are now is a positive reality. Failures run on negative thinking and words out of your mouth, plus indecision's in knowing what you want to achieve in life! BE POSITIVE PLEASE!


Today was Friday the 13th, So...did you get hurt in any way? Did you think you would?? Are you still here? OK once again, I think you get the idea! Positive thinking and doing out weigh negative thinking and doing any day or night, so just believe you can! You will! I will! We will all do it together! Just look back at where you came from! THIS IS YOUR LIFE!


I just found out you have to click Enable emoticons at the bottom of the page in Blogs!!! :happydance: :big_grin: I'm learning everyday, that's positive!


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what a uplifting blog. I believe in power of positive thinking too. at our house I try everything, my argument with my hubby that unless I don't try something how will I know I can still do it, yes its sometimes frustrating to see your loved ones struggle in simple task, but unless you allow them, how will they achieve independence. I am glad he relented and today because of all the improvements I have made physically & emotionally I feel I am worth it. I tell him I can still take care of my family singlehandedly



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I have one thing to say and that is THANK YOU! That's beautiful and so positive. You make me realize all the things " I can" do. Bless you!

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Thank you, so uplifting, yes we can do anything, just be positive, yeah I can walk, not fast, not far, but I can walk, I can talk, softly, not fast but I can talk and I can make anyone understand me.We are survivors, so lets start living. I so needed this right now!

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