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Not Much To Say...Just Keeping Time!



I haven't blogged in a few days and I'm just marking time right now being released from a 2 day stay at the hospital for observations! I'm still a happy person just with a little more pains than usual. That hurts! My wife is ready to put me to work on her computer. I bought her a new one. The last one, a guy sold me, was no good. An update detected that it was not registered for the program it had installed on it! Ain't that something? I had never noticed!


I gotta wait until Saturday for a fellow I know and trust to come over and get it set up properly. These new machines with window 7 home edition doesn't have Microsoft outlook installed. A bunch of downloading have to be done to get window live mail or something like that! So, I will wait cause shops around here want 90 dollars an hour to come to your home. That's crazy to me!


So, you see, I'm just keeping time and trying to save money and keep a happy wife too! I can't win!! Med time, I must sign out and rest a bit now!


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Guest lwisman




Sorry to hear you are in the hospital. Hope things work out for you.


Know what you mean about computers. My sister came to me because she could not get into Internet Explorer. I worked on it for several hours and then typed up what I did and told her to call the computer expert. The problem is above my pay grade (LOL).


Take care,


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Ugh. I know pain is no fun. I had a bad cervical pain 2 weeks ago. None of the over-the-counter pain relievers work well for me on any kind of pain that I have. I brought up this problem to my new primary care physician and he prescribed me Tramadol. I took it on Friday due to the cervical soreness and other psin symptoms that add up to one big bodily complaint and actually felt better. So, we'll see if it stays effective for future use as it's on an as-needed basis. I hope you can find better pain management for your pain.


$90 for a tech to come into your home is definitely ridiculous. What a weird problem that you had with your previous computer. The biggest issues my hubby and I've had with computers was one time the computer crashed on a fatal malfunction 6 months after we had bought it. I lost all of my wedding pictures. I had not made back ups for it because I was currently working on the photos. LOL. No biggie. I got copies from my mom and mom-in-law. We were lucky that we had a warranty for that computer, so we got it replaced at no charge whatsoever.


I know what you mean about trying to save money. My hubby and I are trying to save money as well. It's not easy, I know. Sometimes, it takes sacrifice.

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