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"No one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending" It is unknown who wrote these words! However in my case now the words are so darn true. Just all of a sudden changes are upon me in full force I think!


Well, today was Labor Day and in reading a pamphlet at the outdoor recreation pavilion where many people were celebrating the day, I saw what is believed to be the "Reasons to Celebrate Labor Day" and as a national holiday too!


Americans have celebrated Labor Day since weekend since 1882. About 10 years or so before my mom was born and that caused me to sit there resting, eating and looking at the crowd of people having family fun with their kids and neighbors. What a site to see at a military base activity site near the Belton lake and dam area.


From picnics and parades to fireworks and barbecues, thousands of people all across the United States take time to relax and recreate. While every working person in the nation that Labor Day means a day off from work, most may not know the history behind it and why it is a national holiday. I really did not know the start or beginning of this day and weekend!



Now for Christians celebrating Labor Day, it should mean much more than honoring the workers of America. It should be a time to set aside to assess their priorities, both in the working arena and in their personal lives.


Labor Day was instituted as a national holiday on June 28, 1894, a day set aside to honor the working men, women and children who were the industrial foundation of America. Through the efforts of the Central Labor Union, and other trade unions throughout the states, the labor movement successfully established regulations that governed the working world, such as eight-hour days, two day weekends, minimum wage and the abolishment of child labor.


The movement eventually introduced an annual "day off" for the working man, a day to pay tribute to those who contributed to the social and economic success of the nation. But the concept of an official day off work began long before Congress voted it into existence. I suppose that shows the power of Congress and how the government is established by our forefathers in public office.


With unemployment at it's highest rate in a very long time tells us how far we, the people must go to really enjoy what was set aside as a day off so many years ago! Women who were considered the home maker, caring for the children, cooking and keeping the home a family place, are now a real part of today's total work force in every state in the United States. So Labor Day is celebrated in a family way, but with so many people without jobs, the celebrations are not what they once were years ago.


I do hope all of you members here and across the United States had a great four day weekend to celebrate! It also marks the official end of summer, swimming pools and beaches closing at sunset today.


If you have a home pool please secure entry to it as children will try to use the pool without parental permission causing death in the family or another family in the neighborhood!


For me, I must try to relieve more of my pains and get ready to rake leaves in my yard on my scooter! I suppose I'm the yardman now as the grass starts to change colors from green to brown. No, I'm not going to shovel any snow come winter!


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That is so true Fred, you really cannot change the past, just move on from now and make a different ending.

WEll, I'm glad you had a great Labor day weekend.I had a quiet one here. I wasn't up to going anywhere. I had a lazy Labor day, its not too bad really, we did go to the mall Saturday, Monday was a bit rainy so my mom didn't want to go anywhere too.

Hope you have a great week ahead.


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loved your saying. yes we can always make brand new ending from now such a powerful & true quote. I will now impress hubby with your history lesson on labor day lol. It also means school starts soon.




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The quote is from Carl Bard, Fred.


and Seneca said, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"


No people Green Day didn't make it up, they stole it from Roman philosopher.

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Imagine that. Raking leaves on a scooter. :) I've seen this "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode (I forgot the episode title) where Captain Picard was granted a wish from Q to go back and start over. When he started over, his life was drastically different, no the way he wanted to go. So he demands Q to take him back to his normal life, so he goes back to norrmal life feeling grateful.

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