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It's time to blog again for a great cause!



I just wanna say to our members, you can vote for our member Stephanie, AKA Stessie. She needs our votes in a contest she entered a couple weeks ago. You may remember she battled Brest Cancer and won. So, she is in the contest for a Beauty Makeover with four other ladies in Cincinnati. The winner, by votes, gets a beauty makeover and many other prizes.


She is so deserving being a stroke survivor and cancer survivor and we prayed so often for her to beat the cancer...Well she did it and this would be a deserving reward I'm sure her husband, kids, and family members would cherish for a very long time to come.


Look on her blog or on the message board, the site is there and here too!


Please vote for our member!


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thanks for reminding us again. I have been doing every day for few times since tessie posted about it though through your link I was not able to go to site. I have been using & then click on living & from there I am able to vote it.

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