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What a year!



Good day all. Just figured I'd try blogging, something I've never done. As an AVM patient, I suffered a bleed in May of 2005. I was one of the fortunate ones in that I was able to go back to work in about 5 months (Oct 3, 2005). Since that time I've continued to improve in mental continuity, physical condition, etc. Now I feel like I may have hit a road block. I work in the defense industry. I work here because its what I know. I served in the military 25 years so moved to defense when I retired. My job is going away as defense spending declines. I've been actively looking since April. Nothing! I wonder what I'm doing wrong. I'm 60 years old. I'm a hemorrhagic stroke survivor. Do those things gang up on me?

Is it I don't know how to write a resume?

I don't know. I'll continue to look, continue to work hard in my current job as long as it lasts (through the end of Sept), but I am getting worried.

Appreciate the opportunity to rant! I'll post on ocassion for therapy if nothing else!


Stay well, Stay positive, Stay healthy!



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hey Axel:


welcome to wonderful and therupetic world of blogging.It's great you were able to go back to work. my stroke retired me prematurely at age 34. hopefully you can apply your skills in different field, though job market is tough right now, good luck in your search. If you blog regularly then only you reap the benefits of blogging.



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Axel: Just a consideration. I am a caregiver and a nurse. I have been trying to get back to work, now guaranteed my schedule is difficult, but supposedly I am in the best field to find employment and have yet found a position. Consider teaching and/or consulting. I wish you were here in Connecticut, as both right now in your field are booming. We just got the new submarine contract and the defense companies: Pratt Whitney, Sikorsky has gotten extensions on their contracts. But you may also want to consider your History background, maybe a community college. Don't forget you could also write grants. Just some ideas. Best of luck and it will come. Debbie

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