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A few days later



First, Thanks to Asha and Debbie for your entry responses. I appreciate your input. Asha, I thik maybe we've corresponded on Strokenet in the past, probably when I was still living in New Jersey. Debbie - I had thought of consulting, though not of teaching. I do have an MBA so may qualify for some college level courses. I'll have to look into how one goes about doing that. Consulting could be right up my ally as I am an expert (in my own humble mind) in the field of intelligence collection. I'll look into that as well.

Since my first entry here I've experienced a couple of positive indications that my resume is being seen. Mostly without positive results. I am now in discussions with one company that may want me to come interview. MAY want me to come interview. Now I get to worry about ... how does one tie a tie with paresis and lack of proprioception on the left while on the road. Could be interesting.

I'll not get too excited about those things, however. I think (know) I can successfully interview without a neat tie anyway!

Back to teaching: being on the podium is something I've always enjoyed. I taught tech school (for chinese linguists) in the air force, and taught masters level students in the degense intelligence college. Really enjoyed doing both.

What a great Idea.

Stopping for now.




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hey Anaruk:


never knew you were teaching courses at masters level. I don't remember talking with you before but blame it on stroke. do you live in NJ too? wow in future maybe we will meet up sometime.



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